Multimedia sign language translation service.
video-interpretariato su tablet

VEASYT Translate

Multimedia sign language translation service.
For smartphones, tablets and computers.

From text to sign language video, for multimedia contents, web pages or paper documents.

VEASYT Translate is a multimedia translation service. Written texts are translated into sign language by both deaf and hearing professionals and made available on video. VEASYT Translate guarantees full accessibility to complex information for deaf and hard of hearing people who use sign language. For full social inclusion. VEASYT Translate can be integrated into any web page by inserting an icon or link to the sign language video for the text content.
This translation service can also be used for any paper document (informational, cultural, scientific, medical, legal, administrative, etc.) through the use of a QR code.
The users simply scan the code from the document with their smartphone or tablet to play the sign language video. For information on the VEASYT Translate service, please contact us here.

The users scan the document’s QR code with their mobile device
and the sign language video plays immediately.

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